Project SMART: Making Mathematics Meaningful  is a Texas summer math migrant program created by the Texas Education Agency in collaboration with the Education Service Center, Region 20. 

The objectives and activities of Project SMART: Making Mathematics Meaningful were designed for the most mobile students enrolled in summer migrant programs. The overarching goal of the project is to improve the math skills of migrant students through scientifically-based instruction, technology integration, professional development, and parent involvement.

Program Components:

  •  Center-based lessons in English (K-8) and Spanish (K-6)
  •  Home-based lessons in English (K-8) and Spanish (K-6)
  •  Parent involvement activities
  •  Video lessons and teacher instructional videos (Test the quality of your campus or home connection to see if you have the bandwidth for a good stream). 
  •  Online professional development
  •  Resource portal
  •  Online teacher forum


Thank you for another wonderful summer of service. Access to the site will reconvene late spring 2019.
Feedback is now being accepted from Project SMART teachers! The teacher survey link has been emailed to all portal users. Feedback is due no later than August 17, 2018.
Attention Project SMART contacts: Parent surveys should continue to be emailed to Clarissa Dovalina at clarissa.dovalina@esc20.net. The teacher survey will be sent to all Project SMART users via a Goo... Read more...
A document listing the steps for entering data into NGS has been uploaded to the Additional Resources section.
Item Analysis spreadsheets are available for download by grade level.
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